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Introducing ProduThing/Melodify:
Your New Streaming Ally!

ProduThing/Melodify is a versatile multi-platform white-label audio streaming solution for podcasts, music, sound library, and e-learning, with integrated music video streaming and short video capabilities for behind-the-scenes and other viral videos.

With the option to use interstitial advertising between tracks and a classic subscription model, you get the best of both monetisation worlds. Your content spreads seamlessly from your websites to your Apple and Android apps, your platform is highly customisable and can expand with your needs. You can be as niche as you want and as global as you’d like.

Our customizable platform gives you complete control over your content and covers all platforms. Our audio streaming app lets broadcast, sell your content directly to your fans, and monetize your work that also without sharing your profit with anyone. Our advanced analytics also allow you to track your performance and optimise your content.


Our Music Streaming platform is built using PHP and Laravel, ensuring fast and efficient performance. The platform also includes native iOS and Android apps for seamless use on mobile devices. The front-end of our platform is designed using HTML/CSS with Bootstrap for a modern and intuitive user interface. A powerful MySQL database is used to maximise data storage and management capabilities. The platform also includes native iOS and Android apps for seamless use on mobile devices.


For artists, labels, and other art and culture organisations, ProduThing/Melodify offers a range of features for administrators, including a dashboard to access key metrics and analytics. You can upload your music and distribute it globally across all platforms. You can track your revenue and receive regular payments for your streams and downloads.

You can also customise your artist page with images, bios, and links to social media and interact with your fans through the app's messaging feature. You can manage user accounts, categories, artists, albums, and playlists. You can add and manage new music and podcasts, and add or remove new subscription plans and roles.

You can customise the site's settings, such as language and branding, and view detailed analytics on the most-streamed music. With ProduThing/Melodify, you can offer a 30-day free trial to your subscribers, giving them access to all the premium features of the platform. You can also accept payments through credit cards, allowing your users to easily subscribe to the premium plan and unlock additional features.


Advance Features

For artists, labels, and art and culture organizations, ProduThing/Melodify provides an extensive suite of features tailored to meet diverse needs. From efficient content management and seamless distribution to robust engagement tools, our platform empowers creators to unleash their creativity and connect with audiences worldwide.


App users can enjoy any of the music streaming content of their choice without hassle.


ProduThing/Melodify, a music & audio streaming platform helps to recommend the content to users based on their preference and taste.


Users can easily search for music, podcasts, and audio content based on categories like travel, love, mood, etc.


Music streaming app facilitates users to create playlists to enjoy anytime and from anywhere as per their convenience.

User Taste

By understanding users' unique preferences and behaviours, ProduThing/Melodify ensures that every curated playlist resonates with their tastes, delivering an enjoyable listening experience.


Users can register and sign in to create their library of podcasts, music, artics, and more with a few clicks.

Liked Songs

Users can check the list of liked songs, podcasts, etc., to enjoy it again whenever they want to.

Advanced Search

Searching for content based on different categories becomes easier with an advanced search option.

Share Content

Users are allowed to share their favorite content with friends, family, or others through social sharing.

Play Favorites

Our music streaming platform enables users to listen to songs, and discover new podcasts, audio, and more.

Upload Content

Admin can upload content and edit all the essential details like title, artist details, and more with ease.

Manage Categories

Feature-rich admin dashboard facilitates the admin to manage categories and create new ones if needed.


Password: 123456



ProduThing/Melodify is a white-label audio streaming platform designed for musicians, music labels, podcasters, and content creators. It allows you to broadcast and sell your content directly to your audience. A customisable platform covers the web, Android app, and Apple app.

Yes, ProduThing/Melodify offers a subscription model by default, with options for yearly or monthly subscription plans. However, we understand that you may have unique monetisation needs, and we're happy to customise your solution to include additional revenue streams such as integrating advertising or offering tune purchases. Our solution includes Stripe as standard for payment processing, but we can also customise other payment platforms to meet your requirements at no additional cost.

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