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Décade is a saga made up of 10 parts, with each consecutive part covering one year of the 1980s.


The novel, written in French, tells the story of two young vice squad cops and a chic journalist who form a strong friendship while navigating the turbulent events of 1980s Paris. Written by master of thriller Marc Rosati, ex-cop Patrice Henry, and rock journo Phil Ox, each part delves into both the glossy and seedy sides of Paris by night, including the city's sex crime scene. From the explosion of pirate radios planting their subversive aerials all over the city's rooftops to the parties at the legendary night club "Le Palace", amidst the political upheaval following the socialists' rise to power and the outbreak of AIDS, the series explores the personal and professional trajectories of its three main characters against the backdrop of changing societal norms. The first two parts, covering 1980 and 1981, have just been published by ProduThing and are available as print or ebook.

ProduThing is a book publisher who wants to connect the dots between the pages and the screen, and in 2023, it is launching a distribution platform to sell books online.